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Over 3 days over 40 internationally acclaimed designers will share their insights and experiences with delegates from all over the globe.This sell-out event is for anyone interested in expanding their design dialogue and opening up their minds to new creative possibilities. Celebrating design is difference, this forum will present creative diversity exploring design from the most contemporary in digital media to the master’s of traditional technique. From the areas of graphic design, product design, motion graphics, design for film and television, new media, web design, animation, illustration, typography, architecture, fashion and textiles, sound design, performance art, and advertising.

Although it has been my second year in Melbourne, I haven’t really been able to make it to these conferences as the tickets are pretty pricey. But none the less it has always captivated my interest and gets me all excited. The AGIdeas International Design Forum is now in its 19th year and brings together students, graduates, industry and big and small business. It’s Melbourne’s answer to Sydney’s Semi-Permanent but with more varied speakers. From the book binders to the boat builders, this is a forum where you do have to sit through a few talks that won’t interest you, but the gems are definitely there. Full of passion and creativity, this years highlights included a surprise presentation from Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist along with the following:






ThreeThousand is a weekly snapshot of Melbourne’s subculture – a Melbourne guide to film, music, design, books, art, goods and links for people who realise that the best things in life are often hard to find.


Design Capital

Design Capital

Design Capital is Australia’s premier business speaker series showcasing design vision, innovation and strategies that provide a critical, competitive edge in business. Presented by Design Victoria, Design Capital will be held at BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne, 16–17 July.

Learn how leading businesses are investing in innovative solutions during Design Capital’s Business Day, 16 July. Speakers will discuss case studies on the positive impact of design investments and highlight the smart tools they use to survive and strategically react to rapidly changing global markets. 

Design Capital Design Day 17 July, speakers will explore the tension between design trajectories, speculate on the next big shifts in their sector, and ‘Sample the Future’ of the tactics and ambitions embedded within their own work.

Hear from experts profiled below, including over 20 national and international industry leaders

Professor Roy Green
Dean, UTS: Business (Australia)

Creativity, Innovation and Survival for   Australian SMEs





Peter Williams

CEO, Deloitte Digital (Australia)

Business Futures: Online, Connected, Always

Peter is an international speaker on the future of the web and technology. Peter advocates businesses adopting social networking,

warning that businesses need to ‘Get on the bus or you risk being run over’.



Download the full Design Capital Speaker Series progam here.

Produced by Trick 3D in Atlanta for the new Batman film – the virtual Fight for Gotham City website – a great look into Gotham, and lets you choose whether you’re Batman or Joker.

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“A lamp that develops like a living organism: switch it on and it slowly starts growing by knitting its own lampshade at a speed of three rotations per hour.”

How amazing is that!! A lamp that stitches itself, i would have loads of them, and hang them and start them differently so they make an artish installation in my living room.

Bio-organic-metal-organism that evolves into something living beautiful that you can touch, feel, see and hear this is a true superfamous product! Nadine Sterk is the designer of this product, haven’t found her site, if you do make sure you post it in the comments so i can update the post!

This video starts off by looking good, the slow running water against the black background, so beautiful composed. But suddenly it turns into something horrible Waterboarding; It’s a new way of torturing a human being, you put them on a bench backwards, and start to pour water, down their air intake; head and nose..

That there is the Tata Nano, the spiritual successor to the original Volkswagen Beetle. With manual steering, a sub-one-liter engine and wheels the size of dinner plates, the “People’s Car” from India was designed not for aggresive performance, but for aggressive economy.

How aggressive? The Nano gets 50 miles to the gallon and will retail for roughly $2,500–the same price as the DVD player option on a new Lexus, as one reviewer drolly noted.

While the diminutive car will most likely not meet U.S. and European safety standards, it wasn’t designed to compete with cars in those markets; One of the main catalysts behind the creation of the nano was that the owner of tata was tired of seeing entire families holding on for dear life on mopeds. This gives them a wonderful all weather alternative. Tata expects an annual demand of one million cars. As the so-called “other half” gains access to automobiles, what will be the impact on the transportation design field?

We really like this blog which is a celebration of faces that you spot in various inanimate objects.

It’s been a spam-filled holiday season,  while cleaning through the multitude of flagged emails i came across some REAL spam. The meaty kind… some fabulously ambitious TOASTVERTISING for the new Book Of Spam… from the guys who brought you the human flip book (remember those hundreds of tshirts that got printed for the animated advert? It was on .org as #6369), but now they toasted an animation frame by frame and by hand into 220 pieces of toast… thats more than there are pages in the Book Of Spam. See some screenshots as well as the advert itself AND the making of! (both are equally awesome and worth checking out for some toasty inspiration)


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